HSK Vice President: If the Justice is not respected, all the lawyers/legists will be lost…

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7 Nisan 2018
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3 Ağustos 2018
HSK President Yilmaz: Judge, prosecutor and lawyer interests are not different and do not compete with each other. If fairness and trust are not adhered to, all the lawyers/legists and nations will be lost
HSK Vice President Mehmet Yilmaz stated that the law profession is a special profession and that the law should be well prepared against the difficulties encountered and given special labor.
As a nation, Yılmaz pointed out the importance of law education and education by transfering to the people who are getting better day by day.
“The rule of law is based on the concept of law, the law that is applied successfully, the law that is required to be investigated, the rule of law which fulfills the profession according to the requirements of law, the rule of law and the possibilities to solve the problems, , who are committed to professional and personal respect and dignity, who are ethical, virtuous, knowledgeable, culturally, wide horizon, tolerant, full of human love, respectful of human rights, present legal and law state to the service of individuals, developed sense of responsibility, justice “feelings that will live on thanks to judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, lecturers and administrators who will never forget the principles of minimal courtesy in their behaviors against their colleagues and who are always impartial and righteous, defend justice and comfort, protect the independence of the judiciary the usu will re-emerge, gain confidence, and the exceptional makama in the heart of the nation will be re-established in the ‘prophet postu/armor’. “
Yılmaz emphasized that the era in which he lived was called the philosopher, the philosopher, the exemplary human being, the guide, his colleagues, the attorneys and the attorneys whom his lawyer described as their guide and emphasized that the period in which they were most needed was the most needed period.
“We have many partners in common, such as the rule of law, the rule of law, the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, the rule of justice, the sanctity of the right to defense, the principles of equality of justice and the rule of law.” Yilmaz, speaking, said that there would be no problem that could not be resolved by reconciliation.
Emphasizing that every jurist must fulfill his duties, he should not take the ethical principles, responsibilities, jurisdiction, importance and value of his profession at all, Yilmaz said:
Judicial, professional, and professional organizations must strive for this, and for the institution of justice, trustworthy, trustworthy and respected, judges, prosecutors and lawyers are not competing against each other. Everyone should know that if a criminal offense violates the rules of professional ethics, it will be accounted by the way and methods ordered by the constitution and laws, no privilege should be given to anyone in this matter, no one should be favored, it must be the result of judgment.
As judges, prosecutors and lawyers, where the Turkish nation expects a lot from them, let us dedicate all the mischief to the expectations of justice of this hero nation. We will be at the top of our solidarity and business alliance. Be mutual cooperation, understanding and patience. As a lawyer; let us not forget that the judge and the prosecutor briefly will not downsize us by being respectful of the court but that it is due to the dignity of the concept of justice and that we should respect the lawfulness of the lawyer as the judge of the prosecutor and respect for the sanctity of the right of defense. Let us always remember the friendship and the warmth of the years we were forced to study and the same order. My precious colleagues who serve as judges, prosecutors, lawyers alike for God’s command justice.Justice will shine like a pole star and we will do it together. “
Çeviren : Av.Tuncay İLÇİM